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We provide accurate scale drawings that are Land Registry compliant.


Based in Great Wakering, we provide a fast and accurate service for our clients using the latest technologies to get the information you need to visualise, quantify and plan your project.

From the construction of a single house or house extension to the largest road construction project, one of the basics is the need for an accurate topographical survey which will show existing features including roads, buildings, street furniture,utilities and surface levels.

We can provide every aspect of the surveying work from establishing a control network to collection of detail, calculating volumes and areas, right through to providing drawings.

We use the latest surveying instruments which reduces setup time and site time, which in turn means a faster and more economic solution for our clients.

All surveys are supplied in an electronic format to suit your needs. Paper copies can also be supplied on request.

We specialise in quickly providing land registry drawings and topographic surveys to support planning applications. We offer a specific planning application support service to clients who require planning permission for dropped kerbs. You will need this if you live in a flat, live on a classified road or conservation area.

We also have extensive experience in giving advice to householders considering applying for a dropped kerb and offer a support service to guide you through interpreting council policy and their requirements, dealing with your local Council as your Agent, ensuring your application is dealt with fairly and that you obtain good value for money.

In the event that you have had your application refused by Southend Borough Council, we offer an appeal service where we will look at the application and assess how the Council have applied their policy and we represent you in an appeal to ensure your application is processed fairly.

Our daily rates for topographic surveys are extremely competitive - alternatively we can provide a specific quote based on the location, area to be surveyed and complexity of the detail required.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you.


See how we can help you be successful in applying to Southend Borough Council for a dropped kerb or pvx (permanent vehicle crossing)

Southend has a new policy which you should read through carefully to understand the way the council will look at your application

Dropped kerb APPEALS

Have you applied for a dropped crossing and been refused?

See how we can help you to appeal the Council’s decision.



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