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PC Surveying Services

Using the latest generation of instruments from Leica, we can gather 3 dimensional coordinates at each surveyed point giving an accurate topographic profile of the land. Using this information, contours can be plotted and cut and cover volumes can be determined.

Topographic Surveying

Using topographic surveying techniques, we can carry out highway surveys, picking up kerb line detail, including line, level and kerb height; carriageway centre line detail, street furniture, verges, driveways, utility covers, surface finishes, trees, drainage etc. to enable detailed design works to be undertaken. Ideal for local authority use in designing highway improvements and traffic safety schemes.

Highway Surveying

If you operate or are responsible for underground plant or any plant in the public domain, it is essential that an accurate record is kept of the exact location of that asset so that NRSWA (New Roads and Street Works Act) detail can be made available to others, or so that it is easy to locate that plant in the future for maintenance or renewal. We can locate plant accurately to OSGB coordinates and pass those records on to you.

We can also work with you to locate and set out that plant when you need to go back to it in the future

Plant location service

We can establish the height of your development site above Ordnance Survey Datum Newlyn - ideal for your flood risk assessment statement as required by Planning Authorities. We can provide surveyed points overlaid onto an 1:500 scale Ordnance Survey map.

Flood Risk Assessment Survey