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Here in Southend-on-Sea, the local Council has set out a process for applying for a PVX or “dropped crossing” (a reinforced section of highway adjacent to the existing kerb which is designed to form a permanent means of vehicular access and egress for vehicles between the Highway and the landowners property).

The Council’s application process has made it mandatory to submit accurate scale drawings which must include all relevant details, such as trees, road-signs, other driveways, telegraph poles, lamp columns etc. together with a “location” drawing. These must be to specified scales. (1:100 or 1:50 scale for the “existing” & “proposed” and 1:1250 scale for the location plan)

Drawings supplied by us are guaranteed to satisfy the Council’s requirements and we have extensive experience using the application process on behalf of our clients.

Southend Borough Council charges a non refundable fee of £200 to process an application for a PVX, so it is absolutely essential to get it right first time.

We offer advice and also provide all survey work and drawings to successfully complete this process. We can provide you with the survey, location and construction drawings so you can make the application yourself, or we can manage the whole process on your behalf. Please contact us to discuss your requirements using the link below or by telephone.

Application process for a PVX, Dropped Crossing or Dropped Kerb (Curb) in Southend-on-Sea (PVX-Permanent Vehicle Crossing)

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